Weekly Email 2/25/2022




It's been a foggy few days here on Bald Head Island, but we are still here, waiting for you to come visit us.   
As I compose this, I look out of my window at the blue sky with a few cottony clouds, see the palm tree fronds waving in the wind, and (with the windows open), hear the surf hitting the shore.   I sure hope you'll be here this weekend!




We still have spots open for meals this weekend.  Chef Keith has been working overtime to come up with some new, exciting special menus for you during this winter season.   And don't forget that Paul has been busy, too, testing beers and wines for our special dinners.   He just loves his job!



We had good participation for Cornhole last weekend, and hope to see more people this weekend.  And, we'll move it inside in case of rain.   Sounds like a fun afternoon!  The bar will also be open if you wish to purchase a cocktail or two.



Don't forget.....this is our last Brunch until Easter Sunday, so be sure and book with us today to claim your spot!


We are excited about what we have coming up for you.   I know you'll be excited as well, and we are taking reservations now!