Important Member Information from The Shoals Club


May 21, 2022

Dear Members,

We hope this email finds you well and you are enjoying the beautiful weather on Bald Head Island. As you are aware from the Village announcement yesterday afternoon, and our earlier notifications, the Shoals Club beach has had some erosion issues the last few years. In an effort to keep the Club beach area safe for our members and guests, and to prevent further erosion, we have repaired the old beach fence, and completed a sand push. The sand push did not prove to be effective against Mother Nature’s recent storms, and we are seeing that some erosion is continuing.

We have developed a plan with the Village, Conservancy, Department of the Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Management (CAMA) and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality and have retained all proper permits to lay sandbags along the shoreline of the Shoals Club property. These sandbags have proven to be successful in locations along the east coast, and as close as west beach on Bald Head Island terminal groin and in front of the Bald Head Island Club, which are now covered by the dunes. While these sandbags are being installed, the Shoals Club team, and Island Contracting will work closely with the Conservancy to ensure that there will be no interruption in sea turtle nesting season. We would like to thank everyone involved for their due diligence in helping to keep our members safe and protect the beach at the Shoals Club.

A 500-foot section of shoreline will be inaccessible during construction so getting from south beach to east beach or vice versa will not be possible for the duration of the project. This project started yesterday and is expected to take one and a half months. For your safety, please give clearance to work areas. The Club and the Village will provide updates throughout the project. Once the sandbags are in place, we will reduce the height of the beach fence to be more in line with the sandbags to be more aesthetically pleasing from both sides of the fence.

Going forward, we are forming a project team including the Clubs, Conservancy, engineers, and professional organizations to develop a long-term plan, while coordinating with the Village for the beach at the Shoals Club.

We thank our members and Bald Head Island community for their support of the Shoals Club through this process.

David Sawyer, CEO
The Clubs on Bald Head Island

Brian P. Mullins, General Manager
The Shoals Club