Automatic Service Charge Policy





Dear Shoals Club Member,

We hope you are enjoying the summer season at the Shoals Club.

As you may be aware, the BHI Club has a customary club industry automatic service charge on all food and beverage checks of 18%, which recently increased to 20%. The applied service charge is fully distributed with 18% shared by the service staff while the added 2% is shared by the kitchen staff. In addition, any added gratuity you wish to include on your check to reward service above expectations will go directly to your server. Members would also be able to decrease the gratuity if expectations were not met. We ask if you do this, please let a manager know so we may be able to correct and professionally train the individual to provide better service to you and your fellow members in the future.

In our ongoing effort to align the BHI Club and Shoals Club, we will adopt the same policy effective August 1st. We have also heard from multiple members that they forget to fill in the gratuity line as they are used to the auto-service charge procedures at the BHI Club or at other clubs off the island.

I am sure everyone knows of the difficulties to recruit staff in the hospitality industry as it is a nationwide problem, and on Bald Head Island it is no different. In fact, it is sometimes more difficult as our team has a longer commute with the ferry ride, sometimes even longer as the ferry hits capacity, which results in a longer wait. We hire individuals with a positive personality who smile, are nice and say yes to our members and guests and feel we have a talented group of staff members throughout both clubs that are working extremely hard. As our Club President, Mr. Fitz-Hugh wrote in his June email, it is critical to our success that they are happy and want to stay at our clubs. Please treat them with compassion and respect, especially during this busy time of the year.

We thank you all for continued support and look forward to continuing to serve you and add further value to your membership.


David Sawyer, CEO
The Clubs on Bald Head Island

Brian Mullins, General Manager
Shoals Club